Zombies are popular…right? So I decided to go on a hunt for some of the recent zombie releases and make a blog collecting them to inform our readers…quickly, I realized that zombies have gotten out of hand. This is my testament to the good, the bad, and the dead of the offerings over the last couple years (and upcoming). Oddly enough, I have not seen 75% of these. And since I could hardly sit through half of these trailers…I am sure the movies are much, much worse. If you can stomach it, here is a gut full of the putrid smorgasbord of undead flicks for your enjoyment.

This goes on forever, so if it takes you a couple days/weeks to make it through all of these trailers, I understand. Just please be thankful of the dedication of this dork to sit through all of them. Yeah, and I am sure I missed like 20 or so…

Enjoy you undead loving sick-o’s!


If you have not seen this trailer, this is worth watching. Carriers looks to be a great addition to the genre. Featured here previous, but it is upcoming and I can’t be more excited!

Zombie Night 2: Awakening
So I searched…where is Zombie Night 1?

Zone of the Dead
Starts out looking good…then I am just not sure…looks awfully foreign….

Damned by Dead
Little off of the zombie track, but undead nonetheless.

Brain Dead
Not to be confused with the classic Peter Jackson film by the name we are more familiar with (Dead Alive), this one was just looking like a pile of steaming guts, then it may have some potential. Great old school gore!

Town of the Dead
Typical handy cam by a bunch of teens, with not much money.

Dead Snow
Featured in an earlier Universal Dork blog, I checked this one out and it was pretty good. Any you can’t miss with zombies or Nazis…so just make zombie Nazis!

Island of the Living Dead
This appears to have been made within the past couple years, but it reeks of 80’s zombie, but chances are it won’t be as good.

Platoon of the Dead
Wow, this is one of the trailers that I mentioned…could hardly make it through it…

Island of the Undead
Island of the Living Dead…Undead…low budget…I am getting confused now…

Plane Dead
Also titled Dead on a Plane, this one was actually entertaining. I recommend if you are in the mood for a brainless brain eating festival…on a commercial airliner, this is your movie.

Zombie Island
Huh…Island of Living Undead Zombies on a mass of land surrounded by water…an Isle? Where is Isle of the Rising Dead? What about Isle of Death? This is getting old and I have only seen the trailers…

Zombie Genocide
Wow, bad…

Silent Night, Zombie Night
Now this is what I am talking about. The real deal. Guaranteed to be low budget and I think it looks like the makings of a lovely night. Hey, maybe this is Zombie Night 1…the predecessor of Zombie Night 2: Awakening, Mystery Solved!

Severed: Forest of the Dead
As this got started I just kept thinking it was going to be Native American curse style zombie, but I just saw forest and zombies. Cause I am starting to get delirious on zombie trailers…

Day X
More home movie with some money for makeup. I am not sure if I have the courage to seek this one out.

Diary of the Dead
Saw this one, it had a pretty wide DVD release. Having George Romero’s name attached never hurts. I am mixed on this one. I don’t feel as if I wasted my life watching it, but perhaps I could get a 10% off coupon for the next movie made by these people.

ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction
Featured as a Zomedy, but the trailer did not look humorous.

Foreign, but looks to have potential. I think I will add it to my list.

The Dead have Risen
Judging by this trailer, there are dead people that rise…that’s all I got.

The old west, with zombie, and in a Tarantino style. This is kind of like when I get adventurous with making diner and I start thinking I like this and I like that, so this and that together must be the next level of heaven, but we all know the truth.

The Burrowers
Here are the Native American zombies…if they are zombies. I get the sense that they are undead of some kind. Bred with the spirit of the guy from that old video game Dig Dug.

Virus Undead
We all own a Thesaurus or can access one online, so why do these movies all have the same or slight variations in name. I am loosing it. This one actually looks good from the trailer though.

Not a big fan of Japanese horror, but you know they had to have their take on this as well. Bound to happen.

Rise of the Dead
Wasn’t there one called the Dead have Risen? Is there a difference. Ah hell, I am going to eat my own brains out at this point.

Dead Air
What is this? With the chick from the Night of the Living Dead remake? I am getting behind on these!

The Last of the Living
Indy, low budget, could be fun.

Valley of the Dead
Valley… gorge, kettle, canyon…I am sure these are next in line for 2011 offereings.

Undead and Alive
Hmmmmm….Chris Katan in a horror comedy set in the old west with Zombies. I sat through this and I can believe I did. It was bad and it had a budget, that is just like taking up air for the rest of us to breath. Die already!

I have had this movie forever, and have only been able to make it through the first 30 minutes cause it was boring and just not very interesting. Please someone, tell me differently.

World War Z
This is really just too bad this is fake. It is a nice job. Max Brooks is a genius, this should be real!

Oh my god, I made it, perhaps you did as well. Congrats! Now go eat your arm off or something.

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