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The Top 10 “Stranded on an Island” Movies! by petersaturday

I find myself thinking about getting stranded on a deserted island quite alot! Perhaps it’s because of my love of the show “Lost” or maybe it’s just because life here in the USA can get a little too stressful! Well either way the dream of being stuck on one sounds quite nice most of the time but in actuality it’d probably drive me just as crazy as city life does in the end. Well here’s my top 10 stranded on an island movies-some of them make the idea pretty appealing as others turn the idea into a total nightmare.

Even though after watching the worst case scenarios go down I still think it’d be pretty damn fun to try and restart civilization-but it seems in the movies no matter how hard they try someone always ends up fuckin’ up the program. Good or bad these flicks are definately worth a watch if you’re hoping to get the hell outta’ dodge! Check it out…

10. Six Days Seven Nights: Yeah this one’s ones on the damn list-So what!!? I watched it with my parents once and I actually kinda liked it! Yeah it’s a rom com with David Schwimmer in it but it’s also got some adventure and um…ah…well whatever it’s just not that bad ok?

9. Blue Lagoon: Yeah you know I have never really been all that crazy about this movie but you really can’t have a list like this without including this one. Something about it always seemed a bit unsettling in a weird way.No matter what though you won’t get me to watch that god awful sequel! Also if you watch this trailer you won’t even need to rent the movie-because they show every damn thing that happens in it along with some ridiculous narration!

8. The Savage is Loose: Wow this one was a real flop in the 70′s – you can’t even find a trailer for it on You Tube. This one had George C. Scott in it and if you wanna talk about an unsettling plot this one takes the cake! Basically George, his wife and their son get stranded on an island-sounds normal enough right? WRONG! When the kid turns into a teenager his hormones begin to rage and he wants his mom as his own even worse yet he wants his dad dead too!! Talk about creepy – It’s a battle for the only women on the island! Weird shit….

***UPDATED: The Trailer finally shows up on you tube-check it!

7. The Horrors of Spider Island: Yeah trapped on a deserted island sounds great huh? Real relaxing? It’s be so amazing to be trapped there with a group of cute female dancers? Well not so in 1960′s The Horrors of Spider Island! check it out:

6. Mysterious Island: These P.O.W. ‘s get more than they bargained for when they land on an island that has anything to do with Ray Harryhausen! These poor people don’t get a moments rest! Instead they spend their whole vacation being chased by giant crabs and humongous chickens! Jeez and we thought the people on Lost had it bad…

5. The Swiss Family Robinson: Ok well who doesn’t love this movie? More so who doesn’t love the Disney Magic Kingdom Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse?? That’s a cool dad who decides to make your home on the island in a mother fucking treehouse!! Take a minute to check this out as they put it all together…

4. The Island of Doctor Moreau: Yeah this is one island you DON’T want to be stranded on! Pretty much everyone on the island is totally creepy and to make matters worse it’s inhabited by man-beasts! This however is the perfect stranded island movie because it does indeed have a bunch of monsters in it!! Far superior to the 90′s remake the 1977 version kicks some serious ass…

3. The Most Dangerous Game: Ok it’s 1932 how would you like to get stranded on an island with Fay Wray? Sounds like a dream come true huh? Well too bad because this island has got some creepy dudes on there also who wanna hunt your ass down and make you the safari hunt’s human trophy! This is a great movie filmed on the same set as King Kong! This clip below has some weird ass music playing but it shows most of the important key scenes…

2. The Black Stallion: Ok this one is one of my all time favorite movies as a kid! Basically a little gets stranded on a deserted island with a crazy horse! Together they form a cool friendship-unfortunately they bring the awesome horse and the cool little kid back into the “real world” and make them race together-it’s always better to stay stranded I think!

1. Castaway & Lord of the Flies: In my opinion these two movies are the BEST “stranded on a deserted island” adventures. I really couldn’t decide but we all know honestly that Castaway even though it was kinda one gigantic Fed Ex commercial really hit the nail on the head with what it might truly be like to be stranded. The Lord of the Flies too shows what would probably happen as well if you were trapped with a big group of kids from school. A tragic film that really makes me think it’d be better to be alone on an island hanging out with Wilson the volleyball…

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The swiss family robinson is one of the best movies ever I always dreamed of living there in that tree house when I was a kid. Oh and thank you for not spoiling the ending to lost i’ve still got many miles to go with that show!!

Comment by Christopher

Get on that LOST kick again Chris I wanna know what you think!!

Comment by petersaturday

The Savage Is Loose. Wow… that plot really is out there. And George C Scott also Directed and Produced it. He must have thought it would be some kind of profound character study. Would love to see what it looks like… do you know if they have any copies on DVD yet?

Comment by Simon James

I don’t think it’s been released on dvd yet…maybe just vhs! I will check!

Comment by petersaturday

Hey I found the trailer for that film posted it in the blog above!

Comment by petersaturday


Comment by jonasaguilar

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